9 Friends the thought diaries

They Call themselves as “Harameez”
Bunch of 9 Friends
The only Gang with Trends

They loiter around with their bikes
Everyone one know each other dislikes

Their first trip was udaipur I guess
These guys were complete mess

Then they went to manali i think
They forgot Gangajal to bring
Amazing bond and so much Fun
Life hit them hard, happy days are done

They have given each other a unique Name
They were Harameez what you can expect with them.

Now Some of them have different partner in crime
others have whiskey and wine to show them they are fine
Over the time… Files replaced diaries.
Deadlines replaced dates, and pens are replaced by keyboards instead.
Nights grew longer as insomnia engulfed some of them
The phone screens became brighter than the radiance of their smiles.
On shoulders, the load of school bag was reduced, but a load of responsibilities
After years,
The 9 friends decided to meet.
They sat around a table.
Every face was wearing a mask of happiness and relief, hiding all the miseries and
Among the talks of profits, regrets, business, finance, and glory
Our childhood laughter was not audible.
According to Trelawney,
When 9 people are at the table, the first person to rise will be the first to die.
I realized,
Among the 9 of them,
Innocence was the first to get up.

That’s why they are Call themselves “Harameez”


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