Is this making sense? Well love doesn’t makes sense does it?
Do you have a story you wish you could rewrite? Or a person you wish you never met? a story you could the a part of? Or a person you are dying to meet?

Wishes. life is nothing but a series of exhalations.
The timer’s ticking and maybe tommorow or ten years from now or the next moment is our last breath. And we are all, you and I gonna die of unfulfilled wishes.

Wishes they flow within you. they fight with oxygen because sometimes it’s not the oxygen within you it’s the desire to live one more day in the hope something might change, something may be better.
We are all suckers for hope aren’t we? it keeps us alive on days you wish you were 6 feet under the ground. As Stephen king says “Hope is a good thing, the best of things and no food thing ever dies.” Sometimes we have the world at our feet but all we need is time.
Time to heal, time to love ,time to let go and time to accept, time to just be.

Everyone talks about love and how it feels like rolllercoaster and tastes of all your dreams and cotton candy ice creams. But why does nobody talk about how love hurts before it even begins?
What about us? The unrequited lovers?
One sided lovers who would die if all they could get one more day to love someone who will never love you back.

People are vulnerable and scared to lose the people they love. They would trade anything to see one smile Even if it makes them weak, even if it kills them. Sometimes is staying afar, Sometimes it forgetting and deleting memories and numbers and sometimes it’s just not feeling things.
See i have a wish. fuck it
I have ten thousand wishes. those Wishes metamorphize into one YOU.
And I know this won’t matter to you, but I hope YOU remember. “Jaate jaate kahani ban jaoge ya phir nazm ban ke zubaan par reh jaoge,
Par yeh jo bhi tha,
Ishq hi tha , ishq hi tha” ~~~


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