The clock ticked half past two at night. Then all of a sudden, the phone beeped. I pulled the notification bar to have a look at the text. It read, “Hi! How have you been?”
I was quite startled. I mean who pings up for a conversation so late? The bar didn’t show a name rather a number. Now that was intriguing. I opened the messenger. Who knew that this curiosity of mine was going to haunt me for days!

The profile picture was visible. My heart cringed. I couldn’t believe it rather I didn’t want to. I so badly wanted me to be wrong. Finally I clicked on the picture and damn, my world went blank. My heart was racing as if in quest of searching an escape route to my mouth! After two long years of separation, I saw that smile again.

It’d been really hard for me to sideline all the memories, every little quirk that defined us, every single muse that we rhymed together, every single song which we hummed, every half-pint grief we sighed together. Maybe together was a satire and our love was sabotaged. 
It took me long but I’d been able to trick my heart into not yearning for you. The indelible marks you’d carved on my soul were covered with sheaths of indifference. The scars you left had dried up into lines of nonchalance until now when you freshened up my wounds which bled melancholy.

My head was bursting. My inner core was a complete turmoil. I wanted to text back but I couldn’t afford to hurt myself anymore. I had to save myself. My cheeks were burning with the continuous tears and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I blocked the number and curled a sleepless night.

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