But If You Loved Me, Why Would You Leave Me?

A Kodaline song reminds me that what if they never said goodbye?

What if one day everything is fine and the next day you are trying to forget what it felt like to lie next to them?

What do we do of the closure we never get?

When do we realize that people leaving like hurricanes wreck us?

Is there a GoFundMe link to deal with the damage?

I think sometimes I find it so difficult to understand why people leave. Give me the exact time, exact moment, the exact place you were in when you decided this isn’t working out. Give me a detailed essay of why you think this should end?

Do not tell me the sparks died because I was a fucking forest fire.

When people leave, I am all sad stories and bad haircuts and impulsive messages.

Hey. How are you? Where have you been? Do you still think of me? I thought we were best friends? Where are you? Why don’t you answer your calls? Where did I go wrong? Do you still drink chai without sugar? Hey is your mom okay? Hey, come home sometimes? Hey, you there? Hey, you there? I miss you.

Do not tell me it’s their loss; it’s clearly mine.

What about the closure? Tell me na? Why someday you wake up and decide let’s leave? Do you even book tickets? Do you ever explain?

I am still coming in terms with why something’s and some people leave.

I am still waiting they come back. I am ready to beg; I am prepared to die.

Everything comes back; why don’t they?

Next time you say goodbye or cut ties, please give a valid explanation and seventeen reasons why. Do not leave like you weren’t fucking here. Do not pretend.

Hey, let’s make it easy. You pretend it never mattered. I would pretend I knew all along.

And hey, throw that god-damned phone if you pretend to be busy.


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