Loneliness Can Be Hard

Loneliness Can Be Hard

Loneliness can be hard. It makes you think that you’ll be alone forever. Sometimes you get so used to it that you forget that there’s a life waiting for you to live...
I Need You To Know That It Gets Better.

I Need You To Know That It Gets Better.

I need you to know that the way you flay your heart open for the world is brave, that the way in which you refuse to be anything but soft, even when...
Cigarettes And You

Cigarettes And You

Cigarettes And YouIt was 3:15 amwhen you came back from work,dissolved in smokes of cigarettes,your shirt...
But If You Loved Me, Why Would You Leave Me?

But If You Loved Me, Why Would You Leave Me?

A Kodaline song reminds me that what if they never said goodbye?What if one day everything is fine and the next day you are trying to forget what...

Please don’t settle

Wait.Don’t settle. Please don’t settle. Wait for the person who not only is the one worth waiting for, but wait for the person who makes you realize why it didn’t work out...

You will miss them

You won’t miss them loudly. You will miss them in the details; you will miss them in the quiet. You will miss them in the empty moments, the still space that fills your day...

Truth about people with good hearts

This is the honest truth about people with good hearts,See, the truth is — I will always forgive you if you say sorry. And sometimes I might even forgive you when you...

Healing means owing the pain

On some days, I feel like running away from myself; from who I want to become and from who I am. And often enough, those moments of rebellious desire come down as...

Things I should have told before you took me for granted.

When the world falls down to stand against you, I would always be the one standing beside you. Against the universe. Then, I would like you to smile at me and whisper a...

To the one who will love her next.

Trust me when I tell you that behind all those smiles, all that laughter is a girl who has lived to hide her tears and bury pieces of her existence every time people let...



You are brave


I keep telling myself