*An Open Letter To The People Who Live Away From Home*


Remember the time when you used to day dream about living alone in a city far away from home; when the thought of being independent and surviving on Maggi was the biggest turn on for you?

But things didn’t turn out to be as crazy as you had imagined, did they? The gig nights and late night parties are replaced by your bed. You lie on it for hours, begging yourself to get up, but you are too exhausted to even move your leg.

Maggi doesn’t appeal you as much as it used to before. The food delivery guys visit you more often than your friends. I know you secretly crave for the aloo paranthas that drip with ghee, which in a way have been responsible for ruining your diet plan.

Now, no one fights with you for TV remote, no one tells you to dress properly, no one tells you to reach home before 8 pm- no rules, no regulations.

Be honest, don’t you think that you miss these things? I also know that on some days, you want to sacrifice your freedom and move back home. You are tired of this never ending loneliness. On such days tell yourself that you didn’t leave home to binge watch netflix or remember the phone numbers of food courts by heart. You came here with a purpose and passion.
Check on your dreams. They might be sitting somewhere, rolling in dust waiting for you to feed them hope and passion. ~ The one sailing in the same boat.


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