Dear ‘groups of friends’, Remember the day when we had found out each other among those thousands of unknown faces? On that first day in a never-been-here-before place you all were the first who smelled familiar. So I did to you, didn’t I?

Days, weeks, months… We began being known for the bond we shared. Ah! Remember those proud giggles we used to let out in chorus when we attracted too much of envious eyes? I do, but I don’t miss them actually.

We were too fond of each other. Going out, sharing worries, discussing crushes, making big decisions, experimenting with cooking, bitching about others, shopping, letting out what troubles our families or dreams wherein we saw a lost loved one. We shared so much! Yet it wasn’t enough to keep us together.

Something happened. Amidst all these, something happened and somehow you both started to share a bond that had no valency left for the third one. The third one being me. And you said, that I became inert. I had been vigorously trying to figure out that unfortunate ‘something’, but all I ended up discovering was, that something was in no way ‘unfortunate’. Gradually, it became your talks, your night out, your secrets where I was nowhere to be found or rather wasn’t welcomed. It bothered me, I confess. I wanted to shake you both by your shoulders and demand the reason behind my isolation.

Oh, wait! I just got an answer from within me. It wasn’t just you being over-engaged with each other but it was me too being overtly lost in my own company. How could I not notice that meanwhile my domain grew multiple times bigger. I had grown up to be a bundle of energy which could no more fit in that little ‘friend-circle’. I let go of you. Of you both. And thank God I’m out of what people call ‘friend-circle’ for that little space fenced by selfish people called ‘friends’ won’t let one willing to expand, expand.

Next time when you need a medicine at midnight, rush home for some emergency, get rid of a guy who’s crossing all limits with you or understand a lesson, I know you’ll return to me. Don’t worry |’|| always be there to have your back without reminding you that it’s your nature to forget favors. Because in my domain, helping others is my personal luxury. Go have what we once used to call ‘fun’ and I’ll be here, high on my own company.


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