Dear MC Sher,

It would be wrong of me to praise you only for your friendship, for you are so much more than just that, but I’d still like to say; that if people believe in dreams coming true, it’s because of people like you.

You truly are, in every way, the King, the Sher, your mother used to talk about. From pointing out and insulting ‘Nakli Mardaangi’ to falling in love with someone, beyond the barriers of your society. From being a fiercely independent individual to proving yourself as a dependable, supportive friend; you were everything I needed to whistle at the end of the movie and walk out while obsessing and talking about you to my friends.

You raised my standards of friendship from telling ‘I have your back.’ to proving it, without saying a word about it.
If there was one thing Muraad did not have to struggle for, it was finding a friend like you.
A friend, who patted on his back and told him, ‘Jwala hai tu’, a friend who always made him test and expand his boundaries, a friend who told him how good he is, a friend who also told him where he needed improvement, and most importantly, a friend, who when no more could be on that stage, stood in the audience, cheered and shouted ‘bhot hard bhot hard’ while his friend rocked the stage.

I swear, every person who has watched the movie, is currently wishing to have a friend like you.

Someone Who’s Wishing The Same 🙂


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