Yes, I know they hurt you. They had you at your best but left you at your worst. They promised you forever in the morning but forgot it by the night. They loved you for what they romanticised you to be, and not for who you really were. They probably never knew what being hurt is like, for if they did, they wouldn’t have been the person they turned themselves into. They never realised the worth of little the things, for if they did, they would have known that it does hurt when you give your everything and are left alone when you need something. It does hurt when you realise that all those lovely gestures and cute fights was a mere attention seeking drama. It does hurt when you realise that you were respected for your money, looks or status, and not for who you who really are. It does hurt when you realise that your pain was a subject of gossip and entertainment for others. It does hurt when you have to pretend to be happy. 
And when all your scars burn with the desire of treating them the way they did, your soul resists the unkindness, asking you to realise who you really are. Slowly and unknowingly, you give rise to a war within yourself, and sadly, it’s you who’s destroyed. Think about this. If they can shatter you completely by being who they are, imagine how much will you hurt yourself if you become them. No, you aren’t here to be them. You aren’t here to even try it. You are the pure beautiful lotus, don’t get distracted by the mud around you. And if you truly wish to smile without any regrets, stop expecting for things to happen. The universe serves everyone equally. The wrong will be punished, the right will be rewarded.


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