To a broken soul,
Spending sleepless nights, shedding endless tears for the person who tore your soul apart which was filled with plenty of love for them.

Spending quite enough time, having deep conversations late night, making so many memories everyday, every moment only to realise that these were supposed to end soon.

I know it’s a tough time there, but every pain you’re going through now, will end some day, learn to embrace the pain to bring out the best from you, invest the time in learning and experiencing new things, traveling new places, meeting new people, sharing your ideas and keeping yourself engaged all the time, spend time with your family and friends who has always been there with you, supported you in good and bad times, who made you laugh when you had dark times.

One person may break you emotionally but life just starts from there, it’s much more than crying for the people who doesn’t know to respect your feelings, you are the fuel to your happiness, don’t let anyone drain them off.


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