What’s your excuse today? Didn’t wake up early? Have no money? Have no time? Have no energy? Tired? Bored? Demotivated? You don’t feel like doing it everyday? So, who does? Who loves to sacrifice their sleep and work for things they know would require hell lot of patience and determination? Nobody. And yet there are people who do what they have to do everyday, come what may. They beat their excuses and do it despite every odd they face. No, they don’t feel the change within few days. They don’t even know whether it’s helping them or not. All they know is that, it is what will lead them to their light and the best part, they believe in what they are doing. Such people are rare, for they aren’t someone amongst us. They are a different breed. They are hungry. Hungry for success. Hungry for change. They not only dream, but also work to fulfill it. Yes, you are capable of being them, only if you are willing to trust the process, for it requires a whole lot of effort, love, time and trust to confide in yourself and work for better. 
Yes, you will feel like quitting in a day or two, or probably even in a week. You will even have valid reasons for skipping that one day of workout or training. You will have people around you taunting you and calling you mad. You will have your own self opposing the change, as if asking you to reconsider your decision. You will find people around you happy with what they have and that will demotivate you into thinking about why are you doing all this. You will find life being harsh to you in ways you can’t define. You will feel like the entire universe wants you to stop hustling, just because that one extra mile is tiring, that one last workout is boring, that one last chapter isn’t important, that one presentation isn’t worthy and all those little bits of everything which make you extraordinary, are just ordinary. You have to rise above these silly excuses and find the god within you. Trust me, you will begin to enjoy the process in no time, and even if you don’t, the thought of living your dream will motivate you. Just believe in yourself and the universe, for it will keep your spark alive within you.


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