When they tell you that millennials are invincible? Do not fight back.
The first and second rule of the fight club is that you do not talk about the fight club.
When your aunt reminds you that she was married and had kids by twenty-three.
When your Dad tells you that this generation is a lost cause, say yes, but do not fight back.

When your Grandma questions if this girl is your girlfriend? Say yes. Show her the rainbow. Do not fight back.
When the trolls come after you telling you that feminism doesn’t exist. Do not fight back.

When they own your body’s anatomy, and don’t allow you to abort a child, do not fight back.

When you know the government is fascist, do not say anything, I repeat, do not. You may end up behind bars or worse, dead outside your house.
When parents tell you that you never struggled as much as they did, do not fight back. Do not tell them about how finding a job is hard. Do not tell them about your mental health. Do not make excuses.
When they tell you, you don’t know things about the economy and refugees and the world, do not fight back.
When they forget about climate change or force you to chant Jay shree ram, do not fight back.
Agree. Do not fight back.

When you don’t say anything, they take it as a yes.
Remember the eighth rule of fight club, YOU HAVE TO FIGHT BACK.

When they ask you what legacy you will leave behind?
Say sadness, say loneliness, say everything.

When they say, millennials are invincible, fight back.
Yes, we are a lost generation, yes, we are always unhappy, always insecure and overthinking, always on antidepressants and vitamin supplements, always on our phones.
Always angry at the world and ourselves. We take pride in being sleep deprived. We are still hustling. We do not know where we are going.
We are sad, lost and filled with rage.

When our kids play Doctor-Doctor, we will teach them to play Therapist -Therapist because who will listen to them?
Enough of the blame game. When they try to steal your voice, Fight back.


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