It’s past midnight

you lie broken and destroyed,

Unknown to your skin,

feeling strange and devoid.

You feel unworthy

like the thorns in a rose,

You feel like the worst part

of a beautiful prose.

The darkness now

embraces your emptiness,

The demons pity you,

though evil, nevertheless.

You no longer seek hope

to fight the remaining you,

Vibrant vibes fade away

while you settle for the grey hue.

It pierces your heart

and kills your mind,

The excruciating pain

leaves nothing behind.

You hate yourself

as if it’s a routine,

Your eyes seek mercy

and the world turns mean.

You forget what it felt like

when you were truly alive,

Because now, the battle is

to breathe and to survive.

Deep down, you know

you desire to heal,

You crave for a smile,

you crave to feel.

Well, look up in the mirror,

observe who you are,

All of it is just a battle,

after all your soul has won wars.

Get up to the sunrise

watch the world bathe in light,

You stand in need of a ray

not invincible might.

Believe, like the caterpillar does

inspite of feeling death,

Dive deep in yourself and

know your every breathe.

Become someone

who you can narrate unapologetically,

Live a story

which flows poetically.❤️


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