How many of you like eating mangoes? Well, that’s a little stupid question because the majority of you would say yes. So how exactly do you eat a mango? Well, you relish it’s pulp and throw away the seed. Now imagine the mango as your life, the seed as your past and the pulp as the lesson you learnt. You eat the pulp, you throw away the seed. Well, what just happened? You lived. You lived for that moment, because you did not bring in your sad and depressing past, which you usually do, in your present and that is what made you happy. It made you forget everything else other than the lesson which in turn helped you make your present better.
There are times, when we are left alone, with all those fake forevers we trusted blindly. At that particular moment, when you are exhausted and tired of life and people, you begin to recollect everything and everyone who made your life worse than ever. And how does it help? Well, it’s amazing if you are letting those negative vibes out by ranting, crying, bitching or cursing about them. But most of us often deepen the wound by scratching it hoping to see a new layer of skin beneath, but receiving nothing but blood and flesh which later grows into an infection. Don’t dwell in past. Everything happens for a reason and if you are wise enough to understand the reason, trust me, you are capable of understanding the functioning of the nature. You won’t be able to explain it to everyone by writing it down on the blackboard or conducting a seminar on it because it is something which can only be felt. And you are capable of feeling it. Your past doesn’t define you but the lesson you learn defines your present so make sure you grow with your past. Have faith in yourself and the universe. It will guide to your light.

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