You often wonder if you’re right about certain something and almost immediately, everything around you seems to justify it, as if the fear of moving on to something else is much strange than your own unknown self. And then follows the chaos, with every doubtful hue that colours you up with disappointment, dissatisfaction and discontentment; and you are at loss of emotions to comprehend whatever is happening. It’s almost seems like you have deceived yourself by opting your passion. Amidst all this, the artist within you begins to fade away. The insecurity, the guilt, the regret, the disapproval, the judgements, the disbelief, and finally, the hatred buries the artistry in you, and you begin to wonder about your sadness.

It isn’t easy to move ahead with what you truly desire in a stereotypical society filled with futile judgements, and almost noone to support you; but once you have made up your mind, don’t turn back. Either give in your complete self or don’t at all. Yes, giving in your whole self might feel like a tremendous sacrifice, and it is, for it includes you prioritising everything extremely honestly. And the journey has it’s own pros and cons, boons and banes, but the pain will have it’s own reward, and no matter how small it may seem to the world, it will seem priceless to you. Live how the universe demands you to, and you will soon reach a point, wherein you will discover the whole cosmos in you. If you have the zeal to experience the life you have built in your mind, have the courage to create it. It doesn’t matter how brutal the process is, for when you will look back at the immense struggle you had endured upon, you will be thankful for it. Fuel your passion with your perception, and watch your immortality unfold.❤️


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