On some days, I feel like running away from myself; from who I want to become and from who I am. And often enough, those moments of rebellious desire come down as tears. It just so happens that the pain trickling down my heart and mind begins to kill my hope. And the more I wish for, the more nearer I draw myself to the reality. Everything in and around feels devastated, as if the flames of spuriousness and worthlessness have consumed the love I actually deserve. The guilt of being unfaithful to my own self kills me to an extent that I fall for promises which portray forever beautifully. And all I crave for now, is to push aside the pain and just heal until I breathe.

But unfortunately, that’s not how the universe works, and we all realise it the hard way. I can’t heal and complain simultaneously. And the only way to heal is to accept the pain. I realised that the pain in me is a part of me which requires love, and not ignorance. And until I learn from the suffering, it will stay. I will have to embrace the reality instead of fighting the mirage of love. And like the rose which coexists with its thorns, I will have to embrace who I truly am; for healing not only demands sacrifices, but it also demands the willpower. It demands tears, loneliness, dismay, brokenness, love, genuineness, and moreover the strength to endure the journey. I know, it sounds easier said than done, but once we all accept our demons, the light wouldn’t be a dream anymore. Caress your brokenness until you heal through it, and have faith in every atom of the universe which wants you to heal.❤️


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