“Listen I know I’m drunk, and I shouldn’t have called you so late in the night.
And probably I’ll regret this first thing in the morning.
But just let me this one time, would you?
Love, I wish we weren’t this giant ball of a mess that we are.
I wish I could sit across tables in all those cheap restaurants watching you try to figure out what to 
I wish I could keep my hair messy so that every time we meet, you’d try and fix it.
And I’d pretend to fall asleep and tell you to keep running your fingers through my hair.I wish I could dress whatever I wished to or eat whatever junk I wanted because I would know you wouldn’t mind a bit about any of that.
I wish I could just hug you to sleep and tell you I wouldn’t fuck this up a second time.
Maybe we try harder a second time.
I wish I could rewind time.
And you wouldn’t meet me, nor me to you.
And we would rather have a different epic love story.
And I wouldn’t be here wishing we could make love again and share cigarettes on our bed.


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