Don’t we all feel really bad when we lose in a race or fail in an exam? Don’t we feel inferior, incapable and useless? We cry while others celebrate, we isolate ourselves while others party, we stop everything and just while away time drowned in sadness while others try to be even more better. Our society has never learnt to accept failures. In fact our society doesn’t know what failing is like because everyone of us don’t fail. People who fail are limited because people who try to achieve something with that kind of intense passion are even more limited. It requires patience, dedication and commitment to reach that specific goal which naturally demands time and strength from us. Trust me, the education you receive nowadays, if deepened and taught in detail would eat up half of your life or even full and yet remain incomplete because the more you study the more you find. The process is never ending. 
When you see others rushing past you and getting everything what society expects them to, don’t panic. It’s alright if you are a bit late. Atleast you are different. You are unique. You have done what you loved and have shown the world the power of patience. If you quit now, the world may gain another corporate job employee or a simple businessman but if you stick to your dreams truly the world will receive a superstar, born and brought up within you. Gift the world the best you can. Give the universe the best you have and you shall receive even better. Keep going and growing.

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