Mental Illness


A complete Mental Breakdown

The day I started seeing therapistI never thought. I would be in this situation.

Some Voice in my mind tried to kill myself.

I was so desperate to be heard.

My mind was shouting so loud but my voice was on mute.

Back then, i had night terrors, depression, anxiety, insomnia, Panic attacks, Sucidial intention I was so lost.

When the first panic attack hit me down in 2018 I knew that something was wrong with my mental health. I dealt with extremely uncomfortable and terrifying sensations especially at night.

I began abusing alcohol as coping mechanisms.

I was so scared to tell people what is burning in my head.

With fear that I was not stable, I started shifting every time from one city to another. I couldn’t stay at one place for a long time.

I left with a broken heart & cried alot. I needed someone to listen but I was not allowed to talk.

I still remember i was called “Weak” told ‘ it’s all in my head ” & my generation was shameless

Some people made fun of me, Some took advantage of it. I still remember their words.

Last year I started a proper treatment for that & started talking to a therapist.

It tooks me 6 sessions & a hell lot of medication.

In 2020 I met one guy who introduced me to One ngo. They helped me alot in getting through this I still experience anxiety and insomnia but now they are less frequent and less debilitating

So i promised to make sure no one goes through the same

The premise was simple:

Now that I finally feel like I’m getting a handle on it, I see how far our society has to go in addressing this issue.

It doesn’t take too much to listen, it doesn’t even need a degree.

You just had to be patient and not Judge.

As a volunteer i took 2 session till now & after today’s Session i thought to write this as reminder to all of you want to make a difference in the world? let your pain drive you and just start.

If i could do out with a broken heart, mental illness & a job.

So can you
Help people they need you.


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