And so, you are stuck with your same old self, yet again, breaking yet another promise and shattering yet another dream of a positive change in your heart, in your mindset and soul. By this time, you already have thought of giving up, for the problem seems inevitable and the way out of it, is filled with uncertainty, and is much more hazier than what you imagine, rather expect it to be. You begin to feel sick of everything happening around you and your frustration just gets on your nerves. And there comes a moment, when you simply stop fighting, and just like a drowning man who finds peace in the unconsciousness, you adapt yourself to the problem so that it hurts less, but deep down, you already know the truth. 
Listen, ignorance isn’t the solution for everything. You have to face it. If you avoid it now, thinking it’s small enough to inflict no harm, all those small bits will eventually come together, crashing down on you, making it large enough to break you down and force you to confine yourself to it. Instead of finding excuses to avoid it, find it’s root. Everything happening with you is bound with a reason, which is strong enough to heal you and help you grow. It’s about you finding the good in the bad. You are facing rejections, for you are here to love yourself first. Your failures carve you to be the master of your art in every way possible. Your tears redefine your emotions and make you strong enough to lead. Your fears and disappointments motivate you to get over them, and are a boost to your will power. Your confused, chaotic self brings out the artist within you. You know what, everything you hate is filled with the love you are trying to abandon. Embrace what is, for it will be the only truth about you. Believe in yourself and have faith in the universe, for when things go beyond what you can perceive them to be, all those stars conspire to lighten up your darkened path.


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