Oh! You Are A Boy...

Feelings are always underrated,
They play you as a toy.
Stop showing emotions,they say,
Oh,you are a boy.

Crying is not allowed,
Face the struggles with joy.
Hiding feelings is your thing,
Oh,you are a boy.

You cannot sit at home,
Take this tag of unemploy.
Your dreams never matter,
Oh,you are a boy.

You always have to take care,
Even if you are on the path of destroy.
Stone-heart is what they think you have,
Oh,you are a boy.

Bury your feelings inside,
Is the worst job to employ.
Don’t you dare to shed a tear,they say,
Oh,you are a boy.

Everyone around gets happy,
With sweets and enjoy.
If i am meant to be heartless,
Then why they say,’Congratulations its a baby boy’. I am tired of showing this fake smile,
I also feel this emotion called annoy.
Let me cry my heart out at least sometimes,
So what if i am a boy?


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