Don’t settle. Please don’t settle. Wait for the person who not only is the one worth waiting for, but wait for the person who makes you realize why it didn’t work out with anyone else.
Don’t settle for someone just because you want a significant other, or because you need a warm body to keep you company when you’re lonely. Don’t settle for someone just to have someone.
You deserve to wait. To wait for someone who genuinely likes the sound of your laugh. Who adores the way they feel when you look up at them. Who laughs at your corny jokes. Who makes you feel wanted and needed. Who makes you feel like you are the only damn person in the room when you are with them.

You don’t deserve to be someone’s option.
So wait. Take your time. Don’t jump head first. Don’t rush. Because one day, it will happen.
You will meet the person who doesn’t push you to do things that make you uncomfortable. You will meet the person who actually texts you back, who asks you questions about your life and family and passions. You will meet the person who loves you with their whole heart, and who isn’t afraid to shout it to the world.
Don’t just settle for someone just because you don’t think you are worthy of real love. You are worth big, great love. Love that lifts you up when you are in pain. Love that challenges you to be a better person. Love that doesn’t ever give up on you.
So wait.

And once you find that person who just gets you and everything that you do, you’ll understand. You’ll finally comprehend why it didn’t work out with any other human being. Why something always went wrong. Why it always fell short.
You’ll finally understand that everything you went through, ultimately led you to this person. And you’ll be grateful for all of the pitfalls and losses. You’ll be grateful for all the times you felt unsure or lost. You’ll be so grateful for the times when you didn’t settle. For the times when you said no. For the times you waited.
Because one day, this person will walk into your life and everything will just click. And everything will feel right. And you’ll be home.


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