There’s always this feeling that creeps in when you look at your failing friendships or relationships. A feeling of sadness, insecurity and so many depressing thoughts. You wonder that perhaps there was something wrong with you, perhaps you didn’t love them enough, perhaps you didn’t do much but trust me, you’re never going to be enough if you keep on handing yourself over to the wrong hands. Remember when someone loves you, they will appreciate you. They will be happy with the smallest things you do for them. They will be happy with the tiniest efforts you make for them because these little things ain’t little. You might fight the entire world for someone and they will have the audacity to make you feel so stupid for doing it. You don’t need to be different, there’s nothing wrong with your love. Understand that not everyone you love will love you back. Some will love you deeper than the oceans and some will be scared to love you and that’s okay. Some will use you and some will just break you, this is life. You’re flawed and so is everyone but I hope you remember that when someone loves you, they’ll try to make you comfortable in your own skin. They will love you enough to make you feel secure in their arms and when you have hard days lurking around, they will always have your back. Maybe you’re thinking that you should change the way you look. Maybe you think if you were a bit taler or fairer you’d be better but trust me, you’re fine just the way you’re. You’ll never be enough, you’ll always be too sassy, too classy, too fast and too much for someone who can’t love you for the person you are. You cannot love someone into loving you and that’s okay. Some people will always notice your flaws and you can’t fix them neither can you perfect yourself. Stop apologizing for being you, stop loathing yourself for the person you’re. This is life, sometimes when we lose in love we don’t have to be too hard on ourselves. When someone truly loves you, you’ll know. This love will have nothing to do with your height, your complexion or your body. This love will be pure. Because they love you for the person you’re.

When you’re feeling like you’re not good enough to be with anyone, I hope you will always remember to be soft on yourself. Your soul needs the love you’re wasting on others. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to fit in, you won’t. Not because your efforts weren’t enough but because this isn’t your place. This isn’t where you belong. This isn’t where the universe needs you to be. You have the ability to love deeper than the oceans then why settle for someone who can’t even cross a puddle for you? Darling, there’s nothing you can change about yourself. Learn to be yourself unapologetically. Learn to love yourself even when your world is falling apart. No one’s got you like the way you got your back.


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