The last drop of alcohol in the bottle burns my tubes as I notice your hands entangled with his as I heard about how you guys first met.
Does his hand feel as warm as mine felt when we used to drive to the Kst together every day?
I feel like asking, but I look away and smile with the crowd.
The music burns my ears as I walk towards the balcony for a smoke and I notice you guys kissing each other softly after you stop giggling at one of his silly FRIENDS reference.
I apologize as I notice the same sparkle in your eyes I once saw every time you heard my name.
Or maybe I was your Barry before Ross finally came along. Haha!
‘Aaj jaane ki zid na karo’ is played by someone and I am reminded of the moment we broke up exactly a week back.
Remember how you cried your heart out and told me you’d never forget me and this was your last tryst with love?
I don’t think you do as I notice his arm around your neck as he plants a soft peck on your forehead and you smile wide.
As the last few people decide to leave, I notice the sparkle in your eyes as he rolls his eyes towards his room hinting you for some action.
I hate my room now, you know.
Because the books you had gifted me, the thoughts you pulled me into, your smell in my bedsheets, and your lost earring on my bedside table suffocate me with guilt and pain.
I know I’ll have to leave too, but a part of me wants to know if he too kisses your eyes before he kisses your lips.
Or do you still giggle when he kisses your neck as you did with me?
Or do you also sleep like a baby in his arms as he caresses your back and holds you tighter as we did?
I pick up another bottle of whiskey as I bid you guys goodbye and leave for a place that makes me forget the questions that are killing me inside and funnily this time something inside me is burning more than this alcohol can burn my tubes.


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