Do you genuinely not care about what people think of you or you just pretend not to? Well, most of us just pretend about not being affected by such thoughts, and no wonder, we end up spending most of our time thinking about what someone might be thinking of us. Isn’t it strange that we slowly begin to change ourselves only on the basis of the different versions of us we imagine to be true? And while we create our own world of varied opinions, we unknowingly begin to feel trapped in it, for every thought of ours gives rise to expectations, unwanted emotions and unnecessary stress. We begin to behave with people on the basis of we think, and when they complain of our changed behaviour, we just deny it, which often leads to arguements, anger and frustration, poisoning and ruining the relationship. 
When you indulge yourself in someone else’s mind, just to make sure that they think of you the same way you think of them, you pave a path to your disappointments. It’s simple. If they want to talk to you, they will. If they care about you, they will show it. If they are immersed in thinking about you, they will portray it in some or the other way. Your thoughts won’t change their opinion about you. Instead of wasting your precious time and energy in creating something which only exists until your efforts are fueled by your love, look for the reality. You only hurt yourself by expecting, for people who truly care and respect you, won’t leave you confused about how they feel regarding you. And it’s alright if you aren’t on someone’s mind right now. You aren’t defined by their opinion. Remember this, the less you care about others’ opinion, the more happier you will be.

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