Two years. Two years have passed, and we haven’t seen each other. The faded memories don’t let me sleep easily, and when I sleep, it reminds me of you. The voice that was too sweet is just a sound that I don’t get to hear. This cannot be just a phase for phases pass.

It is just another day and I am thinking about you. It appears as if a thousand years have passed, and the promise to love you for thousand years is still there. I was never afraid to fall. Falling for you was a choice that I made with proud, or it was never a choice. Maybe.

It is the day we are separating. I don’t know we won’t talk again. I am thinking about all the good times. Things are not going great, but they are fine. Fine enough to continue to talk. But this is not me. I take weird decisions. I am full of ego, so we won’t talk again.

It is day I have seen you for the first time. You are there, sitting in front of me in orange top, smiling. This is the day life is going to take a turn. Things will be beautiful. There will be love. There will be pain, but it is going to be beautiful anyhow. That’s what love does to us. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It is a rollercoaster.


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