If you were given a choice between peace and chaos, what would you pick? Majority of us would opt for peace. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, even though we prefer order over chaos, we don’t really live it. We are so indulged in the illusion of unnecessary attention and naive popularity that we often seem to forget that whatever we are do, defines us. This doesn’t mean we start leading a disciplinary and strict life and curb all the fun we have. This simply means that we have to realise that whatever we speak or commit to, is something we are answerable to, if not to the world, to ourselves. Don’t we often find people who speak their heart out to almost everyone they meet? What they don’t realise is, not everyone is interested in listening to them, whatsoever it might be. Such people often portray themselves helpless and boast about their insignificant knowledge, for all they want is attention. The world often ignores such people, for they are no less than fireworks, pleasant yet uncanny in the beginning and finally nothing in the end. 
You don’t belong to that lot. If your action speaks louder than words, your words define your motive for the action. Don’t waste your time and energy gossiping. Be someone who people crave to listen to. And instead of beating around the bush, speak to the point. Make sure your presence is felt among millions and your words are demanded, not ignored. Be wise enough to respect yourself and let people come to you. Work for your worth. Let your experience speak out your wisdom. Believe in what you say and do, for you are not what you say you will do, you are what you do. Let your silence find answers to what you seek. Have faith in the universe and the unimaginable power of words, for when science fails to explain, words comes to rescue.


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