[1] When the world falls down to stand against you, I would always be the one standing beside you. Against the universe. Then, I would like you to smile at me and whisper a ‘thank you’ even if noone notices.

[2] I would not jot down all the romantic songs I played while you were away thinking of you, but you, remembering atleast a few songs I keep humming, shall always make my day.

[3] We can be each other’s worst choices on days we feel like. But giving up is never my intention, and same shall be my first expectation from you.

[4] I could be dreaming about us and not knowing how to make it true. I want you to hold my hand and show me how you dream us too.

[5] I won’t tell you that you owe me explanations to the mistakes you did. But, everytime I forgive you with a sorry you never told, I shall wish you to never repeat that again.

[6] I sacrificed nights of sleep while you had tough days. I would want you to skip atleast a few minutes to help me get a hold of my life too.

[7] When I don’t tell you about little things you should have noticed about me, and skip to the part where I love everything the way you are, I silently believe you love me the same too.

[8] When you fall ill and I am the one getting impatient, it is because I get scared of the very fact that you are hurting. And I would expect that from you, always.

[9] Every time you find me available irrespective of however busy I might be, is not because I owe it to you. Rather, I prioritise you over and over again . Above everything.

[10] Things I do for you shall always be the same way unless I feel you getting used to it.


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