the one I fell out of love with

Should I begin with an apology or thank you for giving me a chance to love you.

I merely want to let you know, I write this letter-
Unable to find the nerve to do it in person, eye-to-eye, to face your apathy.

I’ve never walked away from someone I love. But this time I had to because I was tired of waking up in tears every morning. Couldn’t sleep right, way too many memories that I desperately wanted to forget, tired of how it wasn’t fading away.

I still remember feeling that I’ll never get tired of you. But I lost that feeling with the passage of time, as being with you gave me more tears than a smile. I missed you even when you were sitting right next to me. Looking at you and feeling like you ain’t even the same person I fell in love with.
Maybe, I should’ve listened to the Queen when they said “Too much love will kill you”, but I ignored it as I ignore every other sign that says “Danger.”
How is it that you never realized that you hurt me so much. That you were slowly killing me?

While Loving you taught me about what I don’t need from love. And what I don’t need from love is it to be a burden, to choke the breath out of me every time I’m around the one I claim to be in love with. And you didn’t even notice that I was giving up on you. As my tears dried, my feelings for you died. Call me selfish if you want. But how am I supposed to be a hero when I’m the one who needs a rescue? And for the first time, I thought I’d save myself before anybody else. Walking away was hard, but staying was even harder.

And no, in no way I’m blaming you or saying that you don’t know what love is. I’m sure you know love and will be able to give it to the right one, in the right way.

Maybe, our stars were never meant to be a part of the same constellation.
Maybe, we were just a pair of lines destined to meet once and drift apart forever.
Maybe, we both were just a lesson to each other.
And I hope you learned your lesson, cause I sure did.


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