To the one who left,

What if we met in middle school, and I laughed at all your lame jokes and you protected me from everything like some knight in shining armour. But we ended, because of silly things like how you forgot my birthday, and I hung out with people you hated.What if we met in high-school, a little more mature, but barely there. We liked being called cute together, you and me. But we end things because I wanted to chase some butterflies and you wanted to settle on the moon.

What if we met in college, full of fire, a passion burning unlike anyone there, always striving to get better. But we ended, because that flame exhausted and we were looking for better things, weren’t we?

What if we met sometime later, with our hearts too scared, pounding with trust issues, cause all we’d ever known was that people left. So we ended, because we weren’t exactly the open books we were before, hidden with secrets, trying to save our innocent souls, but end up hurting them again.

What if we met when our hands were chiselled with cuts and wounds of experience, and we were almost too tired to fall in love. But we did. I gave you the warmth you needed and you gave me the home I sought. We finally found the solace we had been looking for and it never ended.

But I met you now, and sadly we ended.
All that I think of is, had I met you later in life maybe we would’ve lasted, maybe our forever would have existed or we would have still ended.

Do you feel it too –
Did we fall in love at the wrong time?

The one who could not be.


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