Don’t we all have that one dream which we all want to fulfill in this very life? That one special wish which is very close to us. It doesn’t matter if it seems small or laughable to other people because no wish or dream is small. It can be anything. You waiting to confess something to someone you have always wanted to, homecoming of your special ones, first day at your workplace or school, your first ever date, your you traveling to that place you have always wanted to, achieving something you had always aimed for, starting your own venture or company, finding that special thing you had lost, meeting an old friend, a perfectly built body, celebrating something and even small things like wearing new clothes, eating something you have always wanted to and all your first times. That someday could be tomorrow, if you relentlessly work for it. Work for that dream day you always wanted. Don’t expect any result soon. Infact strive for it with the same enthusiasm you are having, waiting for that day. Never lose that hope. Of course things like someone’s acceptance is not in your hands, but keep that hope alive within you. Don’t let that hope become negative and lead you to depression and sadness. Trust me, it’s all within you. Think positively and good things will happen.🙏


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