This is the honest truth about people with good hearts,
See, the truth is — I will always forgive you if you say sorry. And sometimes I might even forgive you when you don’t.
The truth is if I decide I care about you I will give you 100%. I won’t just meet you halfway and hope you’re there. I will go anywhere and do anything for you.

The truth is I won’t give up on you even if you give me every reason to.
Give me a bad person and I’ll tell you they are misunderstood. And I will find good in them because I try and find good in everyone.
The truth is I will put you first even before myself sometimes. And in those moments where I’m lifting you up, you won’t see that I might be drowning under the surface.

The truth is I will always make time for you even when you might not do the same. I will always try and be there for you. I will always strive to never let you down.
The truth is I’m not afraid to care. I’m not afraid to show it. I’m not afraid to be sensitive. I won’t make you work for my time and attention or love. It’ll come very easily.
The truth is if you are good to me I’ll be even better, but if you’re bad to me I won’t try to hurt you in return. I’ll still love you deeply because I think you deserve it.
But if ever there’s a day a good heart like mine becomes tired and I can’t keep trying anymore — that’s it.

And it’ll break my heart to walk away from someone I care for. But everyone has their breaking point. And I might love freely and care too much but I’m no fool. And it might take me a while but the day a good heart gives up on you should be the day you fear most.
Because on that day, you will have missed out on the rarest person you’ll come across in your life.


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