Aren’t we all extremely good in worrying about things or situations which don’t even exist? Every night before you sleep just think about your whole day and recollect the amount of time you have spent worrying about situations which may or may not happen. Most of us imagine situations or things turning out to be for negative us. That is we spend half of our day in future, leaving the present behind. Isn’t it a foolish thing to do so? Isn’t worrying about various aspects of our life an absolutely rubbish thing to do? The point is, when you don’t exactly know what’s going happen, why do you worry? Why don’t you relax and live in the present rather than imagining things which only makes you more nervous, anxious and probably even sad and depressed? Let’s say, you are in a problem in which you cannot help yourself and you have no other option but to fight it until it’s over and instead of that, you spend almost all your time worrying about it and fretting about it. Well, if you know there is no solution except to accept the situation and fight it, why do you worry? Ultimately, there is no need to worry. It is just a taboo created in your own mind by yourself because of your lack of ability to imagine good and positive. Both worrying and being happy is in your hands. If you think positive and imagine good, you will be happy while worrying will only lead to negativity and depression. Choice is yours.


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