Ever wondered why do you need to prepare for everything you want to accomplish and achieve? Ever wanted your life to be a fairytale or a magical plot, where you could get anything you want just by thinking of it? Wouldn’t it be a lot more beautiful if we could have everything we want in a moment rather than having to work for it? Majority of us would wish a life similar to the one which exists in our imagination, but no, it won’t be as beautiful as we are perceiving it to be. Just imagine yourself to be a bird, which is probably given the best of everything the world can give, right from food to it’s surroundings, but is caged. Initially you will love it, but as the time flies by, you will start craving for freedom and at that moment, the realisation will dawn upon you. No work, no life.

Life isn’t all about achieving what we want. It’s about the journey we endure. Think of your life as a movie, for the world will love it if it’s worthy enough, and it will be worth a watch only if you put in the required efforts behind the scenes.

What happens when you give a car to someone who doesn’t know how to drive one? The inevitable, either you lose the person or the car. Similarly you have to prepare for every beautiful dream of yours. You have to be deserving enough to live it. You will face hell lot of challenges, sleepless nights, untold amounts of pain, depression, tears, sweat, but trust me, all of this will be worth your success. When you will look back to your entire life, you will be proud of yourself, and your struggle will be a source of inspiration for people who are trying to become something out of nothing. Be that sole inspiration. Work for yourself, work for humanity. Believe in yourself and have faith in the universe for it will decide your vibe and provide you with what you deserve

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