Your tears are still afresh
like the early morning dew,
You hate your smile now,
grey is your only hue.
Your chaos grows louder
like the clouds before the rain,
The peace you blindly seek,
often ends up being the pain.

You embrace the negativity
like the moth who embraces the flame,
The sadness seems inseparable,
you feel you are losing the game.
But there’s good to every bad
Like the rainbow after the storm,
It all happens for a reason,
Believe, trust and transform.
I have seen you absorb the pain
Like the sand absorbs the sea,
Some things are bound to happen
So, just let it be.

I have seen you fight the unheard
Like the trees who cannot speak,
It is through the pain you feel alive,
It is about the power you seek.
I have seen your purest of smiles
Like the charm of the brightest star,
You are the stronger than all of this,
Your scar narrates your untold war.
You will grow through the pain
Like the lotus blooming from the mud,
You will be an inspiration,
And not just flesh and blood.🙏


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